I was listening to my "Discover Weekly" playlist on Spotify this morning, when the song Open Door Policy by Beans on Toast started playing. I've never heard of him before, but I feel like the song summarises this moment in time pretty well.

The world is dying
Shit is getting serious
Everybody's lying
It's impossible to tell the truth
It's worry, worry
Worry, worry
Worry, worry
Worry, worry
All the time
That don't solve anything
I never used to be the worrying type
But I'm not exactly sure
What I'm supposed to say
When it feels like Armageddon
Is a stone's throw away
And everybody voted for the greedy in charge
Well if this is a fight
Then maybe we lost
But, me I'm a pacifist
Eternal optimist
I'll keep on singing
Stating the obvious

Simple subject matter
Over-analysing a cup of tea
Where did the milk come from?
I bet it was a tragedy
There's Fluoride in the water
It's blurring the vision of my third eye
But still I put the kettle on
What a time to be alive

And I'm not even sure
If the facts are true
Cause I'm constantly bombarded by so many points of view
And, I am my own propaganda machine
I believe what I believe I am supposed to believe
And I'll believe in anything
So show me everything
I'm dancing like a puppet
Not knowing who is pulling the strings

Dark money and big data
And the mass manipulation of the human race
Advertising's Frankenstein
Knows me better than I know myself
Every website that I visit
Every bit of porn I watch
And every shred of news I read
They analyse, hypothesise
Then use it as a weapon
To brainwash me

And now I'm almost convinced
That all the news is fake
But I've been staring at the screen so much
That I fucked up my neck
And, I am my own propaganda machine
I believe what my computer
Wants me to believe
Oh, I sit and stare at it
Think I'm above that shit
Hook, line and sinker
Fell for the internet

It was always gonna happen
The robots are coming now to take our jobs
3D printers printing 3D printers
3D printers printing jails and guns
Well this car needs a driver
And these brains need reality
Not just a phone strapped to your face
While immersing yourself
In a world of make-believe

But I've kind of come accustomed
To the, 360 view
Because it's almost realistic
And kind of believable
And, I am content as long as I am entertained
And walking off a cliff is one hell of a game
So, I'll put my headset on
Say "See you later folks"
I can't even hear you while you're
Stating the obvious

But what is life if not
A brilliant barricade of obstacles
I'll carry a stranger's bag down the stairs
But I can't carry the weight of the world
And so I watch the flowers grow
And I listen for the beauty
As it shines from in-between the gaps
There's a light at the end of the tunnel my love
So don't you ever give up

And they've discovered seven planets
Orbiting a distant sun
They are light years away
But they remind us of home
They remind us to hope
They remind us to dream
And all the wonderful things
Human-beings can achieve
So, quit your worrying
Start your partying
One door is closing
And another one is opening