This afternoon we handed back the keys to our old rented house. We spent most of the day there cleaning and taking things to the tip. By the end of the day the house looked as good as new. Now we get to do the whole cleaning thing again at the new house, but then also unpack all the boxes that are standing around. Man, moving house is a lot of work!

I had an interesting experience at the tip today when I tried to drop off some pieces of plasterboard that was still in our garage. You're not allowed to place plasterboard in the rubble skip, and have to go to the baling plant next door to drop it off. The baling plant is where all the municipal garbage trucks go, as well as commercial waste.

When I drove into the baling plant, I had to park on a weigh bridge, so that they can measure the difference in weight when you leave to determine how much to charge you. You also get issued with a hard hat and hi-viz vest that you have to wear on site. It felt so over the top for the two pieces of plasterboard I had to drop off, but hey, what can you do?