There are lots of things to do in the new house before we can move in. One of these is cleaning the carpets. Usually we get a company to do it, but this time round I wanted to see if I could it myself.

Here in the UK you can rent carpet cleaning machines from most supermarkets and hardware stores. They're all from the same company, Rug Doctor. You pay around £24 to rent it for 24 hours, and then pay another £10-£15 for carpet detergent[1].

The machine was easier to use than I expected. The most time-consuming part is refilling it with warm water and detergent each time. The actual cleaning part consists of pushing a button and pulling it across the carpet, timing it right to release the button before you turn so that you don't make the carpet too wet.

All in all, it was a tiring but reasonably rewarding experience in doing it myself, kind of like putting together Ikea furniture. I guess I might just do it myself again next time round.

  1. I guess that's where they make their money ↩︎