I joined Facebook more than a decade ago. The beginning was great - a social website that was actually well designed was taking on the big MySpace. The more people joined the more fun it was.

I remember even developing a Facebook app at one stage, something that would show a series of photos of your choosing on your profile. (I think Facebook includes that feature by default now?) It started going downhill after the news feed launched, when Facebook profiles were not the main focus anymore.

Facebook was great to stay in touch with friends when I moved overseas. But I started using it less and less. The whole Cambridge Analytics scandal felt like the last straw, and I downloaded all my account data with the intention to close my account. But I still didn’t have the impetus I needed to click the delete account button.

Yesterday my wife sent me a message asking “why are we not friends on Facebook anymore”? I haven’t logged in in a week, but when I took a look at my account all my friends were unfriended. It looked like a Facebook glitch, but finally gave me that push I needed to click that button. #DeleteFacebook