We just got a Sammy Screamer motion sensor from Bleep Bleeps. It's a small alarm that you can attach to your baby's stroller, bag or other valuables. You turn it on and off via an app, and it sends you a notification when it goes out of range.

It was the first in a series of connected products made for parents from Bleeps Bleeps. Their second product, Suzy Snooze, is a baby monitor and sleep trainer. They also just launched Benjamin Brush, a smart musical toothbrush.

I first got interested in Bleep Bleeps when they released one of their first designs, a baby ear thermometer, as an open-source hardware design. I can't find it online anymore, but I still have the enclosure that I 3D printed. I never got around to buying and installing the electronics though.

I hope that Bleep Bleeps does well. It's hard being a small company that manufactures hardware, and they've been setting a good example so far.