On Monday I wrote how other companies copying IKEA's flat-pack furniture style really don't match up when it comes to the quality of the assembly instructions. Today I was assembling an IKEA shoe cabinet, and the instructions made it a breeze.

Also, by keeping to standard and minimal sizes on their screws and bolts, there was very little confusion about which screw to use when. With the assembly instructions of the other manufacturers, they actually included a printed ruler section so that you have to measure each screw before you use it.

There was one major hiccup: I was almost done and wanted to mount it against the wall. Our skirting boards[1] are so high that the cabinet doesn't sit flush. I found an IKEA Hackers article that uses door stoppers to extend the feet, but I would need door stoppers at least 10cm long for that to work.

The proprietor of the tiny hardware store in my new neighbourhood was very helpful and suggested that I use 2x2 pieces of wood and cut them to replace the existing feet. That's a pretty good option, but I'm still looking into other alternatives like mounting it directly against the wall or maybe mounting it on a wall with lower skirting board.

  1. also called baseboards ↩︎