There has been a noticeable trend from people reading blogs towards reading e-mail newsletters instead. I use Feedly to subscribe to blogs[1], but if you don't use a blog reader I guess e-mail makes more sense. Here are a few newsletters that make it into my inbox, even if I prefer blogs.

  • Offscreen Dispatch is a once-a-week newsletter with an assortment of products and articles on design and the web by Kai Brach, maker of Offscreen magazine. Coincidentally Offscreen is also my favourite magazine at the moment.
  • The Prepared is a manufacturing newsletter targeted at engineers and entrepreneurs by Spencer Wright, who also hosts The Prepared podcast.
  • Sunday Dispatches is a little bit of everything by Paul Jarvis. He usually writes about freelancing and small businesses.

  1. Hint: You can subscribe to this blog by clicking the RSS icon at the top right of the page. ↩︎