I can't quite remember how I came across this comic series called Incredible Doom, but it's brilliant. It's about a group of '90s kids getting up to things on the early internet. I feel I can relate ;)

It's created by Matthew Bogart, and the best way to get them is by supporting him on Patreon. I only joined his Patreon recently, but was able to get the back issues in his web shop[1].

You can read all the issues online for free, but I would seriously suggest you join his Patreon as the print issues are so cool! The printed format reminds me a lot of Field Notes, and is similar in quality. Each issue has a "feely", an artifact from the comic brought into the real world.


He also gives regular updates on his Patreon with work-in-progress videos, and you get access to a bunch of e-books with some of his older work. I was very surprised to even get a personalised video message when I joined. If you were a '90s kid on the early internet, do yourself a favour and read the first issue online.

  1. currently 50% off ↩︎