I spent most of the day putting up new furniture and attaching things to walls. First I drilled six holes to attach our TV to the wall with a movable arm. Making sure I got the six holes in exactly the right places was quite nerve-wracking, but it all worked out in the end.

I also drilled two holes to attach our shoe cabinet. In the end we decided to mount it against a wall with a lower skirting board, which left our foyer as the only viable option. This one turned out easier than expected, as it's not too hard to line up two holes for drilling.

I then assembled yet another piece of IKEA furniture, this time round a set of drawers for our bedroom. This one also had to be fixed against the wall, with two metal brackets. I had to move the brackets from their original position in the furniture to make it fit, but this also worked out in the end.

All in all, a successful day in the DIY department. There were no big surprises, and slowly but surely everything in the house is coming together.