Today is a public holiday in the UK, where most of my time was spent putting together two pieces of flat-pack furniture for our new house. Funnily enough, neither piece was from IKEA where we went yesterday.

First up was a garden storage bin from B&Q. On the outside it stated that it would take 25 minutes to assemble. Maybe if you're a Formula 1 racing team, but it took me a good couple of hours. The instructions were a lot more complicated than IKEA's, and there was a lot of self-tapping screws that had to pushed through pieces of plastic. I can't say I recommend the experience.

The second piece was a kid's wardrobe from Argos. Again super confusing instructions made the job difficult. Say what you will about IKEA: They have actually put some thought into the design of the assembly of their furniture, and have at least tested and their assembly instructions so that other people can use it.