I enjoy listening to podcasts when I'm out on a run or walking to town. Overcast is my podcast player of choice, at least until Apple releases the next version of their Podcasts app that will let me store podcasts on my watch.

In no specific order, here are my favourite three podcasts at the moment:

  • Do by Friday: Merlin Mann, Alex Cox and Max Temkin (the last two from Cards Against Humanity) have a weekly show where they discuss tech, politics and pop culture. And there's a weekly challenge.
  • The Prepared: Spencer Wright and Zach Dunham created The Public Radio, a single-channel station FM radio in a jar. In this podcast they talk to designers and engineers about manufacturing.
  • Thorougly Considered: Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt are Studio Neat, creators of the Glif tripod mount for smartphones (amongst other things). They talk about product design, crowdfunding and indie manufacturing, with host Myke Hurley of Relay FM.