I don't think I have ever had pumpkin pie before. To my understanding it is mainly eaten during Thanksgiving in the US. When we recently went to pick some pumpkins on a nearby farm for Halloween decorations, we made sure to get enough to make some soup and pie as well.

Today I cleaned and cubed one of the remain pumpkins we had, and attempted baking a pumpkin pie for the first time. I bought the shortcrust pastry, so that I just had to roll it out, but the rest was made from scratch. It's a nice feeling knowing that the pumpkin you picked from a field yourself is going into a pie you're baking yourself.

The pie came out of the oven looking reasonably edible, if not as pretty as the picture in the recipe I used. It's now in the fridge chilling for a while, and I'm looking forward to having a slice with a cup of coffee in a minute.