This afternoon we took my son to a soft play area close to our house. He's around 18 months now, and going through a bit of a sleep regression, so we though it would be good to tire him out so that he gets a good night's rest[1].

He quickly got bored of the toddler play area, which consisted of a ball pit, a couple of crawling areas and a small slide. I decided to take him to where the big kids play, where he can go as long as he is accompanied by an adult the whole time. This specific play area is known for their big slides.

There are some really scary slides, even for an adult, where there is an almost vertical drop for a couple of meters before it evens out. Obviously I couldn't take him down those ones, but there were a few open and closed slides where he could sit on my lap and we go down together. And boy, did we enjoy them!

He ended up running around the big play area with me following behind, climbing up and then going down the slides some more. We even found a pair of small slides where could go down at the same time, which was good for a laugh. When you're an adult, you sometimes forget how much fun a simple slide can be. Luckily kids are there to remind us.

  1. and us too of course! ↩︎