A week ago I wrote about finding the exact design for a spindle in our staircase that I wanted to replace. Yesterday I found out that there are actually a number of spindles on our staircase that are mismatched. Over the years, as various spindles broke, they have been replaced with different designs. I could make out at least three different designs being used.

I'm still impressed that I managed to find the exact match to the spindle I'm replacing, maybe even more so now that I know others have given up and just used whatever looked vaguely similar. It's also interesting to note that we didn't even notice that they were mismatched until I started looking into it.

Although my attempt at installing skirting boards yesterday was a bit of a failure, I think I managed to do a reasonable job today at cutting the new spindle to the correct shape and size of the old one, and fitting it into place using glue and nails. Maybe I'll even replace the other mismatched ones one day, so that they all look the same again.