One spindle on the staircase in our new house is broken. How do you go about finding out a new one? I started googling and found out there is a mind-boggling array of spindle designs. I found one website that said they made copies of spindles of your existing staircase and you just need to send them a picture. I sent off all the required info and got back an e-mail very quickly saying that there's a minimum order quantity of 35. Yes, it would've have been great if they posted that detail on their website.


Ten websites and hundred of designs later, I discover that it's actually a very simple design called an Edwardian spindle, and there is a specific design that's from the "Richard Burbidge Trademark Range" that's very popular. I'm not 100% sure if ours is from that range, but at least I've now identified the design. This would be a great use case for Amazon's new Part Finder tool.