I use an iPhone 6S with 16GB of memory. While that was plenty of storage when I bought it almost exactly three years ago (for £539), iOS now takes up more than half of that (8.65GB). My photo library uses around 3.5GB even with almost all high-res versions of the photos being stored in iCloud, with apps using the remaining quarter of storage. Getting a low storage warning every day is starting to get a bit tiring.

Spending £999 (at a minimum) on the iPhone X is ridiculous, and the iPhone 8 is also not cheap, starting at £699. Apple will probably be announcing a new phone at their special event in a week's time, but I don't expect those phones to be any cheaper. At any rate, now that I've switched to using a Linux laptop, there are fewer advantages to staying in Apple's ecosystem.

Maybe I should make a list of all the apps I use every day and whether they are available on a stripped-down non-Google versin of Android? Or maybe there are even alternatives available on the new Librem 5 Linux phone that Purism is working and that will be available next year.