I love coffee. As a graduate student working on my PhD thesis I remember coming across a quote that went something like this:

A programmer is a tool for converting coffee into code

At the time I very much felt like a tool for converting coffee into academic papers. We always had a thermos filled with coffee in our PhD office, and whoever emptied it would immediately make a fresh pot. To this day I still very much enjoy filter coffee, but have accumulated some other methods for making coffee too.

My introduction to the Aeropress was this video:

While I don't think that the coffee it makes is worthy of the term espresso, it does make a decent, very drinkable coffee with very little fuss. It does make quite a strong coffee, so I usually won't have more than one of these per day. Throughout the rest of the day, if I'm making coffee just for myself, I'll make a moka pot.

I've used my moka pot so many times that I had to have the rubber seal replaced. I first ordered the wrong size off eBay. I then resold the three seals separately on eBay, even making a very tiny profit. After replacing it with the right size seal, it's as good as new.

If I'm making coffee for more than one person, it doesn't get really any better than just using our regular old filter coffee machine. Why change something that works?