Now that I have built FFmpeg's libavutil as a shared library, I need to wrap the C code into a Node.js module. I've done this previously for libmtp, and will be following a similar approach.

First, we need to define our bindings.gyp file:

    "targets": [{
        "target_name": "module",
        "sources": [ "./src/module.c" ],
        "library_dirs": [
        "libraries": [
        "include_dirs": [
          "<!(node -e \"require('napi-macros')\")"

We have one C source file called module.c stored in ./src, while our shared libraries are stored in ./lib. For some reason, the relative path to define the library directories need to go up one directory in order to work. We also need to define the name of the library we're using, avutil, otherwise we'll get a symbol lookup error.

Note that I'm using the napi-macros set of utility macros that makes using N-API a bit more fun, as well as prebuildify. All that you need in your index.js is the following:

const binding = require('node-gyp-build')(__dirname);

module.exports = binding;

I'm still working on the C code, so look out for that tomorrow.