I'm taking a break from my USB host shield on Espruino series, as my hack week ended and I now have to find time in the evenings and weekends to continue working on it.


I've been blogging every day for more than 5 weeks now, so I wanted to receive an automatic reminder if I haven't posted anything by 20:30 in the evening. I while back I was using the app Streaks to keep track of daily habits, so I decided to reinstall it on my phone to use for this purpose.

I took inspiration from Federico Viticci's[1] post on exercise, mindfulness and gratitude where he mentions using Streaks to start using it again. I've got four habits on Streaks at the moment:

  • Write blog: If I don't complete this task before 20h30, I get sent a notification reminder.
  • Walk 12k steps: If I walk at least 12 500 steps per day, I get the maximum 8 Vitality[2] points. This is linked to Apple Health, so gets updated automatically.
  • Work out for 30 minutes: If I run for at least 30 minutes, I also get the maximum 8 points. This is also linked to Apple Health. Note that I either get points for running or for walking, not both.
  • Read for 10 minutes: I try to read for around 30 minutes in the evening, but set the bar a bit lower for being able to complete this habit every day. I'm not always successful ;)

  1. He's the guy behind MacStories. ↩︎

  2. life insurance and health insurance ↩︎