Over the weekend I saw this tweet from Reilly Grant, one of the main developers of WebUSB:

Now, if you've been following this blog you may know that I've been working on JavaScript drivers for three different USB serial chips:

The only issue is that they're all written with node-usb instead of WebUSB, as I'm targeting Electron. Now, porting them shouldn't be too hard and it something I would really like to do. Today I discovered Niels Leenheer, creator of html5test.com, even has a $500 bounty out:

I found a GitHub comment saying it's possible to get WebUSB working in Electron, so maybe I should give that a try again. node-usb is barely maintained at the moment, so getting everything working on WebUSB instead would be great! Or if someone else decides to build WebUSB versions using my code, that will be great too.