I'm having some trouble reading data from a Verio Flex glucose meter on Windows. It seems to be some kind of permission issue, because it works just fine on macOS. On Linux we're accessing the device directly as a USB device and communicate with it using SCSI commands. This won't work on Windows, however, as it means installing a WinUSB driver for the device, which will break software that depends on the meter to be available as a mass storage device.

On Windows, the Verio & Verio Flex meters mount as mass storage devices, like a USB drive. However, you don't actually see the data as a file if you look at it in File Explorer. You have to set special permissions when opening the device and write data to it as commands in order to receive data. When I try sending commands to the device, I get a EPERM: operation not permitted, write error. It doesn't matter how I set the permissions, I just can't get it to succeed.

Strangely enough, using the same permissions, I also cannot write data to a regular USB drive. It's possible that there's just something wrong with the permissions on my computer, but I've tested it on two other machines too. It's also possible that Node.js is just not capable of setting the permissions correctly on Windows, but I would like to figure out why that is.